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Sales Executive Program: An Ai Powered Lead Generation Tool

Welcome to the Sales Executive Program

Where technology meets efficiency in lead generation. Our program is a synergy of advanced AI tools and a comprehensive business directory powered by AI. Integrating Google's Places API, we've meticulously organized an extensive collection of businesses. Each is categorized and enhanced with detailed contact information for your convenience.

What sets us apart is our use of OpenAI's GPT-4 API technology. It provides concise, AI-generated summaries offering a snapshot of each business's essential services and products. Need to tailor these summaries? Simply update your website's content, and our system will adapt accordingly. The result is a user-friendly interface where subscribers can effortlessly select from a variety of campaign packages, each designed to meet specific outreach needs.

How It Works

  1. Business Listings Icon
    Tailored Business Listings: Based on your industry-specific outreach interests, our system compiles a robust list of businesses using the Places API.
  2. Data Collection Icon
    Respectful Data Collection: Adhering to Terms of Service, we gather publicly available contact information by scraping websites, ensuring ethical data usage.
  3. AI Summaries Icon
    AI-Enhanced Summaries: Leveraging the OpenAI GPT API, we generate succinct and relevant business summaries based on their online content.
  4. Streamlined Platform Icon
    Streamlined Platform: All this information is compiled into an easy-to-use platform. Create a campaign, add businesses, and start connecting!

Campaign Utilization

Maximize your outreach with our versatile campaign tools:

  • CSV Export for CRM Integration: Easily integrate with HubSpot CRM, streamlining your lead management process.
  • Email Campaign Compatibility: Our platform supports Mailchimp and Constant Contact, ensuring your outreach is efficient and effective.
  • Python SMTP Script: In beta testing, this script combines AI-generated summaries with your unique offerings, adding a personalized touch to each email.

For any other file types or formats, contact us and we can work to implement new export functionalities.

Upcoming SalesGen Innovations

  • CNC-Generated Handwritten Letters: Bridging the gap between digital and personal, our CNC technology creates handwritten letters, adding a personal touch to your campaigns.
  • AI-Crafted Marketing Materials: Our AI tools will design marketing content that resonates with your audience, emulating the warmth of personal correspondence.
  • Enhanced CRM and Email Tool Integration: Including expanded compatibility with popular CRM systems and email tools for seamless campaign management.
  • Specialized Reports: Gain insights with tools like Lighthouse for Marketing/SEO and Form 5500 for Finance Managers, integrated directly into our directory profiles.
  • Access to Additional Public Databases: Utilize comprehensive data from sources like Form 5500 and State License Documents.

Subscription Packages

Complimentary Access

Cost: $0 per month

  • Basic directory access (no emails).
  • No campaign initiation.
  • No AI-generated functionality.

Tier 1: Basic Access

Cost: $75 per month

  • Full contact details access.
  • 50 lead campaign cap, with CRM export.
  • Monthly updated industry-tailored leads.
  • No AI-driven outreach.

Tier 2: Enhanced Campaigns

Cost: $150 per month

  • All Tier 1 benefits.
  • 110 campaign leads.
  • Localized AI scripts for personalization.

Tier 3: Marketing Pro

Cost: $300 per month

  • All Tier 2 benefits.
  • 225 campaign leads.

Tier 4: Ultimate Business Growth

Cost: $600 per month/year

  • All Tier 3 benefits.
  • Unlimited leads, custom generation.
  • Direct lead delivery and bespoke AI scripts.
  • Early feature access.

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